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Welcome to 203(k) Loan Consultant Kansas City

My name is Dan Bowers and I do commercial, environmental, FHA-203k and residential inspections in the Kansas City metroplex and surrounding areas.

I’ve been performing building inspections full time since 1984. Before that I was a Home Builder and Commercial Contractor for 10 years. I also built or remodeled houses to sell or use as rentals for myself.  In the past 20 years I have been featured in over 64 articles for local newspapers or magazines, appeared on several TV or radio shows on housing defects, and we’ve have been featured on both Stan Kramer’s investigative TV show, the KC Star’s home video series on home ownership and Channel 41 as an expert in construction defects, etc. AND I have taught adult education classes on building and construction defects at Johnson County Community College in Kansas AND Longview Community College in Missouri.

During this time period I frequently had friends ask me to inspect a building or home  they were buying or leasing. At some point, I realized how much I really enjoyed helping protect people from getting into “THE MONEY PIT”. So in the mid 1980’s I took a BIG leap and decided to start inspecting full time. That was in 1984, and in the 33 years since then my team and I have performed over 15,000 building inspections.

In 1996  I was accepted by HUD as a FHA-203k Rehabilitation Loan Consultant

Many inspectors in our area have simply purchased inspection equipment and started walking or talking, with no formal training or education. With the large costs involved in a Rehabilitation Project it’s crazy for you to entrust your hard earned dollars and your family’s safety to someone like that.

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FHA 203(k) Consulting

Are You Getting A 203(k) Renovation Loan And Looking For A  Certified 203(k) Consultant?

Look no further! We are nationally approved HUD/FHA 203(k) consultants and work harder to protect your interests than any other consultant in Kansas or Missouri.

From large to small renovations we are here to assist you in every step of the 203(k) loan process. From determining whether a property will meet your needs and HUD’s, to providing cost estimates, site visits and the proper forms our consultants can do it all.

Why Do You Need A FHA Consultant For 203(k) Renovation Loans?

Simply put, to protect you and the property you are investing in and to ensure renovations are properly completed. The job of a 203(k) Consultant is many.